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77 Ly Nhan Tong Street
Cam Le Dicstrict, Da Nang City

Dr. Bao

About us
Dr Bao Dental Clinic is located in Da Nang – a coastal city in Central Vietnam. We offers a full range of general and specialist dental services to local and international patients. Dr.Bao Dental Clinic was established by Dr.Quoc Bao and Dr.Y Nhi from the August of 2017, both of them are highly qualified dentists and speak English well. Dr.Le Ha Quoc Bao:...

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Dental services


Veneer A veneer is a thin layer of material (0.3-0.6mm) placed over the front part...

Tooth filling

30 minutes • 200.000 VND - 600.000 VND Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings   Conservative Treatment To...

Cosmetic dentistry

3-4 days • 1.200.000 VND - 5.000.000 Crowns and Bridges Dental crowns and bridges are...

Teeth whitening

90 phút • 1.200.000 VND - 2.500.000 VND - 3.500.000 VND Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening...


7 - 10 days • 17.500.000 VND - 27.000.000 VND Dental Implants Dental implants are...

Tooth extraction

30 minutes • 100.000 VND - 2.000.000 VND  Tooth Extractions Tooth extractions are routine dental...

Gummy smile treatment

Make your smile more beautiful.

Removable denture

5-6 days • Contact Dentures and Partials Dentures Dentures are an effective and affordable way...


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Dr.Quoc Bao

Operated doctor

BÁC SĨ CK1 - LÊ HÀ QUỐC BÃO Dr.Quoc Bao Graduated Odonto – Stomatology Doctor at Medicine and Pharmacy Hue...

Dr.Luong Y Nhi

Orthodontist + Prosthodontist

Dr.Luong Y Nhi Graduated Odonto – Stomatology Doctor at Medicine and Pharmacy Hue University Certification about direct and indirect restoration...

Ms.Hong Truc

Dental Assistant, Hygienist

Ms.Le Thuy

Dental Assistant, Hygienist

Ms.Thanh Thuy

Dental Assistant, Hygienist

Dr. Nhan Nguyen

Orthodontist + Prosthodontist

Graduated Odonto – Stomatology Doctor at Medicine and Pharmacy Hue University


Dental Assistant/Hygienist

Ms.Thy Trang

Dental Assistant, Hygienist

Ms.Hong Tham

Dental Assistant, Hygienist

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