Mr. Joseph Harris (76 years old) visit our clinic with the chief complains:

  • Teeth become losen, can not eating normally
  • Poor esthetic when smiling.

His expectation after treatment

  • Chewing, eating normally.
  • Improve the esthetic when smiling

Low smile line

Xray show many infection around upper teeth

Treatment planning including 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Extract all upper teeth, except 18&28
  • Step 2: prepare upper denture
  • Step 3: Place Implants and do the rehalibitation on upper teeth (2 stages in 6 months)

1/ Step 1:

Nhổ răng nhiễm trùng, lung lay ở hàm trên.

Extract all upper teeth (except teeth No.18&28)

2/ Step 2: Upper denture try-in and delivery

He look happy with this smile. 😀

3/ Step 3: Implant surgery

Implant surgery day

Prepare fixed-temporary denture 1 day after surgery

Fixed-temporary prosthetic 1 day after surgery

Radiograph after surgery 1 day

After 6 months: Prepare for final prosthetic

Radiograph after loading final prosthetic

Follow up after 22 months: Healthy gum, no infection no inflamation

CT Xray after 22 months loading: stable bone around implant, no inflamation