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Smile makeover with Emax veneer

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**Mr.ALexander visited Dr.Bao Dental Clinic from USA. He want to make his teeth straight and have a brighter color.

He is only in Da Nang City in 10 days

****Clinical check:

– The upper teeth are uneven, tooth 11 rotates and protrudes.

– Fluoride stained teeth, with many white spots

– Loss of 1 lower incisor tooth

After checking and consultation with Dr.Bao, Mr.Alex agreed with dental treatment plan following:

  • Upper teeth:

    • Tooth No.11 (Which rotates and protrudes) need an emax crown.

    • Emax veneer for 9 front teeth

  • Lower jaw:

    • Emax bridge to restore the missing front tooth

    • Emax veneer for 7 front teeth

*****After 10 days, 4 visits, we’re so so happy with his new smile

With this view, we can see the natutal teeth were preserve with minimum invasion

Now Mr.Alex can have the brighter smile


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